Agrotourism by The Pond



We offer full board, half board (breakfast and dinner) accommodation or particular dishes on request.

The hostess's speciality dishes include:
. dumplings with cheese and potato filling
. dumplings with fruit filling
. delicious pancakes with cottage cheese or seasonable fruit
. potato pudding
. potato bun
. duck stuffed with apples
. Nelson's duck (sauce made from onion, tomatoes, apples, raisins and other secret ingredients)
. trout in cream
. delicious soups made from home-grown seasonable vegetables
. hot Gypsy soup (with onion, pickled pepper, sausages, tomatoes and other ingredients)
. chicken liver with apples and onions

Among speciality desserts are:
. home-made cheese cake
. croissants filled with fruit
. apple pies
. buns
. pancakes with apples

Goat milk from home-bred goats as well as home-made wine available
at the guests' request

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